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Australia – Deserts and Oceans

Klanglich und Optisch anregendes Video…

This was filmed between June and October 2011.

I was in Alice Springs in the middle of Australia when I decided to start shooting timelapse sequences for this video. My plans were to travel by 4 wheel drive through the deserts that lie west of Alice Springs and meet the Indian Ocean. I travelled through some very remote areas. In the sequence that starts at 01:31, I had driven the car to the top of a mountain range up a steep rocky track. After shooting the sequence I slept in the car. The wind up there made it impossible to put up a tent. During the night I looked at the horizons in each direction to try to see if I could see a hint of human life. I could probably see for over 100 kilometres in each direction but there was not a single light to be seen anywhere. (360 panorama taken the following morning By the time I got to the area where I shot the full moon raising (at 02:11) I had not seen a single person for almost 1 week. Here I had been following a little used track through the heart of the Gibson Desert. After I shot the sequence I slept in the same area and in the morning my 4 wheel drive refused to start because of a flat battery. It’s a story on its own to say how I got out of that one. I finally met the Indian Ocean in August only to leave it again after only a few weeks traveling along its coast. There I entered the Desert again, only further North this time, it was much hotter and by the time October came I just had to get out, the heat just became too much for me and I wanted nothing more than to feel some cool air again, even the nights were over 34c. I retreated back to Alice Springs where I stayed for a few weeks just relaxing. A few weeks later I started work processing each of the 16000 images that I took just for the timelapse. One week later the work was done.


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